COVID -19 Lockdown – Emergency Treatment , Repeat Prescriptions and Veterinary diet food
March 30, 2020
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COVID—19 UPDATE – Changes in veterinary services that can be provided by our practice – effective from 14th of April 2020.

The Royal College of Veterinary surgeons (RCVS) and British Veterinary Association (BVA) have updated their guidelines which allow veterinary surgeons to perform certain non- emergency procedures in addition to the emergency work being already provided during the initial 3-week lockdown (23rd of March -13th April).


What has Changed?

The veterinary governing body (RCVS) and veterinary associations including the BVA have decided that following the initial 3-week lockdown period:

“It is appropriate that work beyond urgent and emergency care is now undertaken in order to prevent animal welfare harms occurring in the extended time period.”

“These services must also be provided in a manner that supports social distancing, including avoiding all unnecessary in-person contact with clients, maintaining a safe physical distance, and ensuring that animals are only seen face-to-face where absolutely necessary.”


Small Animals work specific changes

Vaccinations : primary vaccinations and year 1 boosters in dogs and cats can be performed due to the increased risk of disease outbreak over a longer period of time, and annual leptospirosis vaccination due to the zoonotic risk.

In addition rabbit vaccinations can be performed due to the seasonal disease risks. Rabies vaccinations should be carried out if required for certification reasons.

Neutering – but only in certain cases where chemical castration is not an option there is a  serious and valid reason why this cannot be delayed.


Equine work specific changes

  • Vaccinations – it is now acceptable to perform equine vaccinations in accordance with governing body rules
  • Mares that are in foal/pregnant –reproductive work involving mares in foal is now allowed in order to safeguard animal welfare however the BVA have advised routine fertility work in non-pregnant mares is still to be suspended /delayed.
  • Castrations can now be performed but only where there is a valid reason why this cannot be delayed.







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