PGE2 Treatment of Blocked Oviducts

Laparoscopic Application of PGE2 for Treatment of Blocked Oviducts

In recent years the condition of blocked oviducts has been recognized a cause of infertility in the mare. Oviducts are thin tubes leading from the ovaries to the uterus and are the place were fertilization of the egg by sperm from the stallion takes place.

The oviducts of mares can become blocked by debris from previous ovulations or pregnancies. Blockage can lead to otherwise unexplained infertility. Mares can repeatedly fail to become pregnant to fertile stallions despite displaying no obvious abnormalities on veterinary examination.

Laparoscopic PGE2 Gel

Warren House Veterinary Centre are experienced in the procedure of applying PGE2 gel to mares oviducts for the treatment of infertility . The procedure involves applying PGE2 gel to the oviducts via Laparoscopy. Laparoscopy involves placing a long thin camera into the abdomen of a sedated standing mare via a small incison in the flank. This allows visualisation of the mares ovaries and oviducts. PGE2 gel causes the oviduct to contract and flush debris out, removing the blockage. Initial reports from a study in Newmarket showed that 93% of mares undergoing the procedure conceived within the same or subsequent breeding season.