Stallion Semen Freezing


Warren House Veterinary Centre has experience in all aspects of assisted reproduction in horses. This is not just limited to the mare!

Our practice uses a Computerised controlled semen freezer which allows us to precisely control the rate at which semen is frozen to maximise its post thaw fertility. It also allows us to tailor each freezing cycle to the individual stallion maximising the chances of a resulting pregnancy.

Freezing of a stallions semen confers many advantages to the stallion and mare owner.

These include :

  • Insurance - Frozen semen can be stored for a long time and in many cases years after the death of a stallion. If a stallion dies or gets injured and is therefore unable to mate naturally - using frozen semen allows the stallion to continue to produce foals.
  • Convenience - transport and storage of a stallions semen is much generally much easier to arrange than transporting a mare to the stallion for mating. As the semen is frozen it can be thawed and inseminated when required rather than mating or using chilled semen in advance of a predicted ovulation.
  • Cost – Although more frequent veterinary examinations of the mare are required for insemination with frozen semen the overall cost can often be cheaper than other forms of artificial insemination when transport costs, vet visits etc are taken into account.

Semen from different Stallions varies in its ability to withstand the freezing procedure and its pregnancy rates following thawing and insemination but in general:

  • 30% of stallions in the general population will freeze well
  • 40% will be probably be classified as satisfactory
  • sperm from the remaining 30% of stallions will not survive the freezing process with a level of motility sufficient to be used for AI.


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